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"Leaving" summer behind - Dealing with leaves in Hamilton

As the temperature starts to drop, the leaves on the trees start to drop too. This plant debris can cause alot of unwanted build up in and around your property this time of year. Keeping on top of it can be a pain, but it is important that gutters and drains around your property are free from blockages to prevent flooding. This time of the year, the Hamilton City Council will start sweeping and blowing the streets to rid them of leaf debris, however residents are still expected to arrange for their own disposal of debris on their


Leaf debris can be a hassle to take care of, and if you are living in a "high leaf fall" area, it can seem like the leaves just dont stop dropping. Here at Oasis Outdoor Services, we can provide you with an easy solution to your leaf debris problem. We can provide services such as Gutter Cleaning and Yard Clean-ups for build up of leaves around the property, then finish off with a Lawn mowing service if required to pick up and remaining leaf debris on the lawn, while giving your lawn a fresh new haircut!

Ensuring your yard is free of this pesky autumn problem not only makes your property look so much better, it also protects it from unwanted and preventable damage. This can sometimes cause thousands of dollars in repairs and cause the homeowner a massive headache.

Get in contact with us now before its too late! We can provide a fast and hassle free service, with individual services or tailor-made packages to suit every client.

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