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Waikato's newest solution to Property and Garden Care

Living in New Zealand, we face all sorts of constant battles trying to keep our properties in a clean and tidy manner. The grass sometimes seems to grow before your eyes, the garden can quickly look like an overgrown forest, or your gutters start to overflow like a waterfall!

These issues can easily slip ours minds but its important to keep on top of these property maintenance tasks, not just for the visually pleasing aspect, but also to prevent expensive damage from occurring. Most people are finding that they are living very busy lives and cant quite squeeze in the time to get these things done. Thats where we come in!

Oasis Outdoor Services is your solution to your outdoor property and garden care requirements in the Waikato. Christian is the owner-operator with over 10 years background experience horticultural, property and garden care. Ready to provide you with exceptional service of professionalism and reliability, we are the answer to your outdoor property and garden care issues.

Check out our Services page for information on our services, or give us a call for a free quote!

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1 Comment

Apr 10

Wow! This is much needed! Excited to see the awesome work 👏🏼

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